Bmoji FAQ:
1. Q. What are the usage restrictions of Bmoji?
A. None! You can use it on iMessage and SMS with anyone, anytime. The recipient does not need to have iOS to be able to view your Bmoji.

2. Q. Does Bmoji only work on iOS?
A. Currently the Bmoji application is only available for iOS. Although, once your Bmojis are designed, there is no restriction to the software. You can text and share with any other application.

3. Q. Does the recipient have to have the Bmoji app to view on their phones?
A. Definitely not! You can share your Bmojis with anyone whether they have the Bmoji application or not.

4. Q. How long does the Bmoji design/application process take?
A. It takes approx. 24-48 hours for completion, possibly sooner.

5. Q. Do I need to pay again before downloading my own Bmoji application?
A. No, all users make a one time payment when they order their Bmojis. There, is only an additional cost if users would like to add more Bmojis. That would be the only time there is a payment transaction. Don’t miss our free Bmoji section.

6. Q. Can anybody else download my Bmoji app and use my faces?
A. No, they are exclusive to you.

7. Q. What’s the difference between the standard application, the keyboard functions and Whatsapp stickers?
A. The standard application allows usage with iMessage, texting, etc. The keyboard function, allows you to use your Bmojis directly on Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else 3rd party keyboards are used. The Whatsapp add-on enables you to use your fully integrated Bmojis as Whatsapp stickers rather than as an image attachment.

8. Q. Does the timeline depend on the amount of Bmojis per order?
A. No, that shouldn’t affect delivery time.

9. Q. Do I get to change my Bmoji?
A. It’s very important to upload photos you like. Bmojis are made very precisely and therefore will look like the images uploaded. Additionally, there are color options for you to choose from, to assist us in getting it just right.

10. Q. What if I don’t like my Bmoji?
A. Bmojis are made according to your images. In order to ensure satisfaction, be sure to upload your most flattering images. If something is wrong, on our part, we are happy to correct it. You may email support@thebmoji.com to submit your request.

11. Q. Can someone upgrade the packages they buy over time?
A. Yes, definitely! Bmoji users are able to upgrade their packages anytime. You will only be charged the difference in cost, from the last package you purchased to the new one you are upgrading to.

12. Q. What is the difference between Bmoji and other emoji applications?
A. Bmoji aims to change the market standards by offering the most accurate and exclusive personalized emojis for its users while still keeping the highest quality and the lowest price point possible.

13. Q. Price point of Bmoji?
A. Creating personalized emoji applications today can cost anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000. Bmoji is the market leader for designing and creating the most accurate emojis for its users without the typical high costs. Bmoji is the only emoji application that has achieved to create the most exclusive personalized emojis for the mass markets.

14. Q. Can I get my Bmoji with sunglasses or regular glasses?
A. Yes, absolutely! Just upload your photos with sunglasses or reading glasses and that will apply to your bmoji design.

15. Q. Can I change my hair color, and/or look?
A. Yes, you can; however, a new order will need to be placed with your updated images.

16. About Bmoji
1. Bmoji is giving back! Philanthropy is what we value at Bmoji. Bmoji is providing thousands of job opportunities in many under developed countries. We take people into our Bmoji family, train and employ them.
2. Bmoji is a digital communication platform.
3. Bmoji empowers users to express themselves with their highest level of authenticity. It is designed for usage with iMessage and other applications in which third-party emojis are supported.